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Haute-Couture Skills

    Our story began in the 70's, within Courrèges Atelier, in Pau city (south-west of France), where we acquired french savoir-faire and strong couture and Haute Couture skills.

With changing Fashion, we focused on noble materials such as leather, suede and art of fur.

We moved from Courrèges Atelier to Marichelle French Furrier where we were taught complexity of the fur technics.

From Atelier to Boutique

In 1985, we tried new adventure by opening our first Atelier : word of mouth brought us french elegant women from Pau, Biarritz, Bordeaux and Paris. From then on, we've been focusing on Excellence, Creativity and Passion that lead us with some Prêt-à-Porter collaboration like Givenchy.

​​We developed then Prêt-à-Porter new collaboration and turned our craftmanship into ready-to-wear sales with some famous brands: Yves Salomon, Sam-Rone, Levinsky, Christ, Kottas, GEMMI...). We opened our last Atelier Boutique located at  7 rue Henri IV, near of the Castle neighborhood.


​For more than 30 years, we've been giving a share of dream to our elegant customers and defensing French savoir-faire...

Passion & Transmission

From September 2017, were are proud to announce you that Thomas Dartau is preparing 2nd generation.

After 7 years as account manager in a market research company , he will be spending one year learning Fur basis and technics  in Paris before coming back.

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